Here at Les Chateaux Jamaica, we understand how important it is to keep our environment clean at all times; especially as it concerns to COVID-19. We strive to maintain all of our visitors' safety, taking extra necessary precautions to keep Coronavirus out of our homes. Wholeheartedly adhering to Airbnb's 5 Step Enhanced Cleaning Process here is a look at what all we do to keep our villas safe!

Step 1: PREPARE - by using disinfectants that are approved by local regulatory agencies for use against COVID-19

Step 2: CLEAN - We have hired a team of professional residential cleaners who sweep, vacuum, dust, and mop. The cleaners wash dishes and laundry at the highest setting possible making sure to kill bacteria in the most effective way.

Step 3: SANITIZE - The professional cleaners also spray high-touch surfaces in each room with an approved disinfectant spray.

Step 4: CHECK - They refer to room-by-room checklists to make sure all areas have been cleaned adequately.

Step 5: RESET - To limit the spread of cross-contamination, each cleaner washes their hands before replacing guest supplies, doesn't re-enter a room once it has been sanitized, and cleans or safely disposes of equipment between each turnover.